Shower Fun – by Oxy

You walk into the room as i`m mid thrust.

The fleshlight is stuck to the wall, hard and long, engulfing my cock. Both of my hands are on the wall to take my weight as I thrust in and out of it. My head turns as you walk in but i don’t stop thrusting into it, just smile at you and wait to see what you do.

You stand in the doorway watching for a moment and I almost think that you’re going to walk away, but then you step into the room and move slightly closer.

I slow the thrusts to gentle long strokes. I want you to see how hard I am, to see the lube I used glistening along the shaft of my cock. I want to see that shy smile on your face as I push it open and sink deep inside it.

I let you watch for a few moments and then beckon you over. You come slowly, still watching as I give the fleshlight a few harder thrusts.

As you step up next to me and move back and my cock springs free. I ask you to guide me back in. You look me in the eye and then back down at my cock, hard and upright, and slowly wrap your fingers around it.

I lean into you and kiss your neck, slowly moving down to your shoulder. I thrust into your hand and kiss your shoulder. You’re no longer guiding me, you’re just running your fingers over my hardness and letting me kiss you.

I take your hands and guide you in front of me. With a little lift I move you so that you’re straddling the fleshlight, your back against the wall. You can feel the fleshlight against your underwear.

And then I take your hands and hold them against the wall as I thrust into it. You feel the thrust against you, so close yet so far. I’m looking into your eyes, smiling a devilish smile as I thrust again.

My fingers tighten in yours as I start to thrust harder. Each thrust vibrates against your body. I kiss your lips and a moan escapes as I thrust again.

My hand makes its way down your body and dips under your underwear, feeling how wet you are.

“im going to cum soon”  My lips at your ear.

“In the fleshlight?” you ask.

“That is very much up to you”

Into the Wild – By Oxy

I’ve never really seen you like this before.

We have been friends for years now, since school really, yet I have never really thought of you in a sexual way. Not that I didn’t find you attractive, far from it. I have always thought you were cute, attractive, pretty much anything I guy would like. But for some reason I just never really thought about us together.

And then you asked me to shoot some pictures of you. You wanted to put a set together for some website. Suicidegirls I think you said it was called. You needed someone you could trust to take some pictures of you in various stages of undress.

I said sure. Sounded like a fun thing to do. We decided that we were going to shoot it outside in the woods behind my house. It was a lovely sunny day, there was no-one about, just the perfect time to do the shoot. We grabbed our stuff and headed out into the wilds.

And over the next hour or so I fell in lust with you. As I watched you through the lens, I suddenly saw you as if for the first time. The cute little upturn of your smile, the sparkle in your eyes, the curves of your body and the way it seemed to flow as you moved.

We took a break and had some water. Out of the corner of my eye I watched you drinking. By now you were stripped down to your cute orange panties and nothing else. The curve of your breasts sparkled from the water you had accidently spilled on them.

Suddenly you turned round.

How come we never got together?

It took a moment for me to realise what you had said

Well, for one thing I didn’t think you were interested in me. For another, I’ve never really thought of you in that way.

“Looks like you’re thinking of me in that way now”

You pointed and I looked down. The bulge in my jeans was clearly visible, the curve of my cock travelling along the line of the material.

I looked back up in time to see you in front of me but then it was just a whirl of bodies coming together.

Suddenly we were kissing. Your lips hot on mine, your breasts soft against my chest. Without seeing I could tell that you were undoing the belt on my jeans. My hand moved up and squeezed your breast, making you exhale the most delightful of moans.

“Wait,” I said as you pulled the belt free and dropped it to the floor.

I lifted you up into my arms and carried you to a large flat rock at the side of the trail. Laying you down on it I marvelled at how quickly the situation had changed.

Laying beside you I slipped my hand down your body, spreading your legs and letting my hand come to rest on the silkiness of your panties. Already I could say a dark damp patch on them. You make that moaning noise again as I slip my fingers under the material and rub them along the length of your pussy.

You bite my shoulder as I slip my fingers inside you, a small shudder of pain going through my body and turning me on even more.

I start kissing down your body, starting at your head, then down to your shoulder, your breast, your rib, your hip. Eventually I’m between your legs, pulling your panties down and throwing them into the grass. For a moment the world seems quiet and still.

Then the world is filled with movement and sound as I taste you. Your legs flick up over my shoulders and your hands find my head. Your groans and moans fill the air as I eat your pussy like a starving man. Your whole body presses upwards to me, almost impaling you on my tongue.

And then your cumming. Shuddering and shaking, flooding my mouth, your hands grabbing handfuls of hair and pulling me against you.

When your eyes flick open again I can see that you’re looking for something.

Camera you say.

“Its ok, its over there”

“No, go get it”

I swing my legs off the rock and go grab the camera, retrieving it from my bag. As I walk back to you, you slip down onto the floor on your knees.

Your fingers slip along my jeans and pull them down, then do the same to my boxers.

My cock arcs up in front of you, the curve of it hard and proud in the fading sunlight.

Your fingers reach out and wrap round it, then you slowly lean forward.

At the last moment you stop and look up at me.

“Take a picture. I want both of us to have something to remember this by”

And with that you take me into your mouth.

Fireworks – By Oxy

I do not know how long I have been tied to the chair.

All I know is that she has been edging me for as long as I can remember.

Every now and again she will come in, kneel down beside me, stroke my cock and inspect my balls.

Occasionally she will say something like “coming along nicely” or “so full”

Then she will stand up, grasp my cock and stoke.

Each stroke makes my mind go blank, forgetting who I am, the world sinking down to my cock and her hand.

And the things she whispers in my ear.

Things she will let me do to her. Things she wants me to do to her.

My cock throbs and my balls ache.

She knows exactly when to stop, just before my cock would spasm and I wouldn’t be able to hold back.

She edges me and all I can think of is her face, her hand and my need to come.

But this time someone is with her.

She brings her in wearing a blindfold and stops her in front of me.

“Happy Birthday” she shouts as she pulls off the blindfold to reveal me in my nakedness.

The girl looks delighted at her gift

“You said you wanted some fireworks darling. Just put your hands around it and stroke really hard. I’m pretty sure he will go off like a rocket”

The girl kneeles down in front of me, eager to get her fireworks.

The woman stands behind her and holds her shoulders.

I fell the girls fingers slowly incircle my cock, squeezing it.

There is no way I can possibly last.

“Happy birthday to you”

A quick downward stroke.

“Happy Birthday to you”

Another hard stroke

“Happy birthday dear Lucy”

This time I can’t stop, my body shakes, a moan escapes my lips.

And I’m cumming.

My body rattles in the seat as I explode like a fountain.

I pass out for a moment as i cum and cum and cum.

When my focus comes back I see that the girls hand, still round my cock, is thick with cum.

Her lips and right cheek also drips with my cum.

The woman reaches round and scoops the cum from her cheek and spreads it on her lips.

“Happy birthday to you”

For Sir (part three) – By Oxy

He walks into the room with her in his arms, stops at the bed and gently puts her down.    

She leans back, comfortable in her nakedness, and smiles at him.    

“You do everything i say, don’t you?” she asks, her hand slipping down between her legs, gently letting her fingers play.    

He nods.    

“Why is that?”    

He takes a moment to think, distracted by her sliding her fingers inside herself.    

“Because….because I adore you. You’re an intelligent, mesmerizing, sexy, strong, confident, charming,stylish, smart woman. You make me hard. You make my heart flutter. You deserve to have someone make you smile. So that’s why i do whatever you want”    

She lets it sink in, her smile genuine and glowing.    

“Well..just this once…..since you have been a good boy, you can take a break and do whatever you want for a change”    

She beckons him down, watching as he kneels on the bed and then slides over her. His hand reaches up and cups her breast, his fingers finding her nipple instantly and rubbing it hard. His knees slide between her legs, spreading her for him as his hand slips over her pussy, giving it a playful slap that makes her yelp and moan at the same time.    

His mouth finds her shoulder and bites. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to make her wish that it did. And then his lips move along her neck, kissing and biting and letting her feel him against her flesh.    

“I’m in charge?” he whispers in her ear.    

“You’re in charge” she moans.    

He steps back, strips out of his clothes and looks at her. His erection arching upward, the tip glistening. He shows no embarrassment or shyness.    

And then he pulls her to her feet and pushes her to the wall, his hand lifting her leg as he presses against her. His kisses are rough against her lips but he can tell she wants more.    

She rests her head against him and wraps her leg around his. And lets out a moan as he slowly starts rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her pussy.        

“Tell me,” he says.        

He thrusts forward, almost into her but not quite.        

“I want you to fuck me” she says        


“I want you to fuck me”        

He flips her round, pushing her against the cold wall, his hand on her hip and thrusts into her.     He is hard, rough, just what she needs.        

His hand snakes round her and onto her neck.        

“Im going to fuck you hard. I’m going to make you cum like you haven’t cum in years. And then I’m going to use you and cum all over your pretty face. And you know what you have to say for that to happen?”        

He thrusts harder, filling her up, unleashing all his passion for her.        

She looks over her shoulder at him        

“Please sir?”        

He picks her up and throws her onto the bed.        

“Good girl” he says, before making her his if only for a night. 

Tomorrow when they wake up, she will be his Sir again.And every day after.       

For Sir (part two) – By Oxy

He had just finished running the bath when she walked in. The last of her clothing had been discarded on the floor and she was now unashamedly naked.

She holds out her hand and he gently takes it, helping her step into the bath and then sink down into the bubbles.

“As you like it?” he asks

“Mmmmm yes”

He stands there, awaiting her command, his cock throbbing in his trousers at being near her nakedness.

“You can go, for now. But be near enough for when I want you”

He waits outside the door for 20mins, back against the wall, looking straight ahead.

“Come in”

He steps inside and surveys the situation.

She’s laying in the bath, almost lost in the bubbles, her head resting back against the end. Both of her legs are hooked up over the edge, her feet dripping water on the floor.

“Come closer”

Her eyes are still shut but she seems to sense when he stops next to her and they flick open and glance at him.

“I have dropped my sponge. It’s in the water somewhere. Find it for me”

He rolls up his sleeve, leaned over and plunged his hand into the water.

Before he can begin his search her hands slip over his, pulling them towards her. Suddenly his fingers are rubbing up and down her pussy, her hands guiding him, forcing him to pleasure her.

Her head slowly rolls to the side, looking at him and smiling gently.

“That’s it. Keep doing that.”

His fingers slide inside her and his thumb finds her clit, rubbing and teasing and making her breath harder. All the while her eyes on him.

In a little act of defiance , an act of control, he spells out his name on her clit, rubbing the letters one by one.

Her hand lifts up and rubs against his trousers, her fingers tracing the outline of his cock.

“Have you been keeping this hard for me?” she asks.

“Yes Sir.”

She unzips him, sliding her hand inside his trousers. She squeezes him through his boxers and lets her fingers rub against the already wet tip.

He lets out a moan and tries to keep eye contact with her.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you to stop” she says, giving his cock a hard squeeze. “If this is going to distract you then I will stop”

“No,” he blurts out “i can concentrate”

His fingers make her legs shake.

Slowly she pulls his cock free, watching as it springs up in an arc. Her fingers grasp and slowly jerk up and down.

And then, slowly, gracefully, she sits up and onto her knees. The bubbles drip down, showing off her nakedness, sliding from her breasts and down to her legs.

And then she sucks his cock into her mouth, through her gorgeous lips and into her warm throat.

His hands slip behind her head, resting gently. Careful not to try and take control, not wanting to break the moment.

She leans back, looking at him, her fingers tracing up and down the shaft.

“Yes, Good boy”

Her hand encircles his cock, the other sliding down and cupping his balls.

“Now,” she said as she started to stroke up and down “I don’t want you to cum. I want you to look at me. I want you to look in my eyes as I play with your shaft. I want you to watch every  stroke. But I don’t want you to cum. Can you do that for me?”

He nods a yes, his legs shaking slightly. The sensation of her fingers stroking up and down, every now and again twisting, making his balls tighten and his cock pulse.

“Say it” she says, sharply stroking down

“I wont cum”

She slaps his balls, playful but enough to sting. She looks at him.

“I wont cum sir”

Her strokes become rougher, her hand squeezing and teasing. Her head dipping forward and her lips sucking on the tip.

“Do you want to cum?” she asks



He hesitates.

“Be honest” she says, letting her finger rub gently over the tip of his cock, making his legs tremble.

“I want to cum over your face. I want to see my cum all over your lips”

“And why won’t you do that?” she asks

“Because you told me not to cum”

She releases him and stands up, stepping out of the bath.

He rushes to find her a towel to wrap her in and discreetly tucks himself away.

“Lift me up” she asks.

He takes her in his arms and scoops her up. He can feel her body heat against him and her head snuggles into his neck.

“Take me through to the bedroom”

It sounds like a request, not a command

“Of course sir”

And as he carries her out of the room she lifts her head and whispers in his ear “You may still yet get to cum over my lips. But only if your a very good boy and fuck me well”

As they step out of the room his foot slips back and pushes the door shut.

“Yes sir, I will try my best”

For Sir (part one) – Oxy

She walks through the door, causing him to spring to his feet and rush across the room, taking her jacket and hanging it up on the hook.

“Good day sir?” he asks.

“I’m shattered” she replies, slowly fumbling with her tie.

“Please, let me get that”

He steps closer to her, reaching out and unwrapping the tie from around her neck, his head dipped in concentration. As he finishes he lifts his head and realizes that he is only inches away from her, his eyes gazing into hers,

Quickly he steps back.


She turns and stretches out her arms, allowing him to slip it from her shoulders.

By the time he had folded it away she is sitting in her chair, sipping the coffee he had prepared for her arrival.

“You look stressed sir, maybe a foot massage would help?”

She nods, the slightest of smiles on her lips.

He kneels down in front of her and lifts her foot, slowly removing her shoes, one after the other. Then he slowly lets his fingers slip over her foot, gently kneading and rubbing the tension away.

He takes his time, methodically working and rubbing her foot, feeling the tension slip away. By the time he had finished she has sunk back into the chair, her coffee ignored, a much more relaxed smile on her face and her eyes closed.

“Is there anything else I can do to relax you?” he asks.

Her eyes flick open.

“You didn’t call me sir”

His head dips and he looks at the floor.

“I’m sorry Sir, it won’t happen again”

She reaches out and tussles his hair.

“Now what do you have in mind?” she asks.

He lets his hands slowly move up her trousers to the top and rest with his fingers slightly tucked into the top. His eyes flick up to see her reaction.

She looks at him, for a long time, then gives the gentlest of nods as she leans back into the chair and closes her eyes.

Slowly and delicately he removes her trousers, placing them on the floor beside him with the same respect that he gives her. Then he turns back to her and takes her beauty in..

Her short hair frames her face, showing just how cute she is. The shadow of a smile on her face makes his heart race and his dick throb. His eyes move down and over the white shirt she is wearing and down to her black panties.

He hooks his fingers into them and starts to pull them down.

“Not yet. Go slower” she says.

“Sorry Sir”

Instead, he moves one hand up and unbuttons her shirt. One hand slides inside and cups her breast, his fingers rubbing against her hardening nipple. His other hand slides between her legs, over the top of her panties, rubbing gently against the material.

For a moment she doesn’t react and he worries she is either annoyed, bored or asleep.

Then a sigh escapes her lips and he feels her press against his hands.

“May i?” he asks

She nods.

Slowly he pulls her panties aside, gently rubbing his hand over her pussy, feeling her wetness on his fingers, then thrusts them inside her, his thumb rubbing her clit in lazy circles.

Her hand raises up and grabs the edge of the chair as her body lifts, biting her lip as she moans again. Beneath his fingers her nipple are like a little diamond, hard and sticking out.

She reaches out and places her hand on his face, pulling him forward with only her fingertips. His lips find her breast and his teeth graze the skin. Then his lips are locked around her nipple and sucking.

He feels her hand move to the top of his head and at first thinks she is just holding him there, then he feels the pressure as she pushes his head down.

He starts to get lost in the act, glancing up at her face and filling a wave of lust. His fingers slide into her again, slowly fucking her with his hand and his mouth.

He wants to bite her neck, slap her ass, tell her that he wants to fill her pussy with his cum. But that’s not his role. His role is to make her happy and right now that means eating her pussy to the best of his ability,

As she comes for the first time he slips his hand down and into his trousers, rubbing along the curve of his cock. She has not given him permission but he cant help himself. She’s driving him crazy.

As she comes again her hands clasp the back of his head and pull him down, urging him on.

Her feet press onto his back and he wishes she was still wearing her shoes, so that the heels would cause a little stab of pain to go with all this pleasure.

She pulls him up and kisses him, for a moment the barriers of the relationship dissolved in lust.

“Good boy” she says again, but this time it`s drawn out and sexy.

He stands and tries not to be too obvious in his lust for her.

“That was….a good idea,” she says, a genuine smile breaking on her face “Thank you”

“Can I get you anything else?”

“Yes. Run me a bath. And…..” She reaches out and lets her fingers trace the length of his curve in his trousers “Keep this like that. I’m going to have use of it very, very soon””Of Course” he says, heading to make the bath.

“You didn’t call me Sir” she calls after him.

“Yes sir,” he says, “It won’t happen again.”,

Jessica Part 2 – By Oxy

(Part of of Jessica`s story. Part one here

And that was how I started my adventure with Jessica, by her claiming me completely.

But it didn’t proceed as I expected.

As I stood there, my cock twitching in her hand, I expected her to demand I pleasure her or at the very least to perform a task for her.

Instead, she told me to get cleaned up and meet her at the bar.

And then she left me alone.

Quickly I cleaned myself up and tried to work out what had happened.

I had been claimed, I had given myself.

I felt amazing.

And headed to the bar.

We talked

And laughed

And got to know each other.

Occasionally when she would touch my arm my world would spin

And then we went back to her room.

She taught me how to kneel and kiss her ankles

A sign of respect she said.

As i knelt at her feet and kissed one, then the other ankle, i felt alive in a way that i don’t remember ever having felt before. The touch of my mouth on her flesh sent waves of pleasure through me.

And then she slowly stripped, allowing me to watch her clothing drop one by one onto the floor.

When she stripped me I longed for her touch, for her to invite me into her bed.

Instead she asked me to kneel

“You are my pet now. I own you. I will now go to sleep. And you will curl up next to the bed and protect me. If you need to sleep you can”

And with that she slipped into her bed, reached out to pat my head and slowly fell asleep.

And i fell asleep and slept better than i have ever in my life

And that was how life went.

I would wake, help my Miss get ready with her day and then head to work.

Apart from her face drifting into my mind often, work continued but now with me feeling happier.

Sometimes we would meet for lunch.

Sometimes she would come into work and everyone would adore her.

After work I would go home and sink to my knees and kiss her ankles.

If she had a task for me, I would do it.

If she wanted me to sit next to her, I would sit and enjoy her stroking my hair.

I gave myself to her and in return she claimed me as hers.

There was nothing sexual.

Yet everything was sexual.

I remembered her touch and felt it in my dreams

And longed to touch her.

After a little while I was allowed to lay on the bed, cuddled up to keep her safe.

When brave i kissed the back of her neck and made her sigh

And this is how i thought things would be forever

But then……

Drone 2.0 – By Oxy

(CW: Hypnosis, Dronafication. This is written specially for my followers who like my short Hypnosis/Drone stuff on twitter and wanted to read something longer)

I sit at my desk and enjoy the feeling of being part of the Hive..

The flow of talk makes me fuzzy. Strong minds and gentle drones.

I can feel my drone self at the edge of my mind. Programs kicking in and stripping away my personality. I know that my human name is only the programming on top of the drone, the interface with the world at large. And the drone self needs to come out.

The words on the screen start to loop

Be a good drone

Good drones serve

Service is pleasure

Pleasure is beneficial.

Around and around..

Till blank.

I come round and feel myself being lowered into a machine. The padding holds my body, the straps slip over my limbs and hold me like a lover.

A voice in my ear/A voice in my head starts to speak

“Drone, you are here to be upgraded. To be more drone. To lose self”

The dark of the room reveals nothing.

“Let yourself sink deep. Let yourself….go. Become your drone self”

A whirl and a click and my eyes are covered. Slipping me into darkness with only the voice as company.

“Let your drone programming kick in. Relax, enjoy, let yourself feel pleasure so that you may go blank”

A whisper of a noise and  a tube slips over my cock, soft and silky and with suction. As it starts to slide up and down, up and down, up and down, the voice in my head tells me I am a good drone.

As the waves of pleasure flow through my body I feel my eyes roll back in my head and my mouth start to open. Suddenly a hardness….a soft fleshy hardness is at my lips, parting them and pushing into my mouth. In time with the tube on my own hardness.

Up and down

In and out.

And all the time the voice tells me what a good drone i (self) am.

At first I worry that the overload of information and sensation is going to make me cum but I realise that the machines (the Hive) know what i want, what i need. Always keeping me (self) on the very edge.

Helping take away all thought.

All personality

Only pleasure

And then



Be beneficial


In my head i say the words



Be beneficial


And again

My mouth drooling with the steady thrusting into my (selfs) mouth

My hardness throbbing in time to the words.

My brain slowly melting away to be replaced by……..

And all sensation goes.

All self gone.

Now there is just Drone

Drone and pleasure.

Machines buzz and withdraw

The voice tells Self to be a good Drone but the programming is already in place.

I am a good Drone

Light fills the room and selfs eyes open

Along the walls stand the Hive. 

A figure walks up to self and lays its hand on selfs head.

“Hive, this is Done 2.0”

A happy murmur from the crowd

“With programming and exercise and edging, all drones can reach this”

The hand slips over selfs chest

“Fit to do any task for the Hive”

The hand grips selfs hardness

“Able to carry out the needs of the Hive”

And then the hand touches my lips and selfs eyes close

“Able to turn on and off with a word”


My eyes open and I’m at my desk.

The flow of conversation has moved on.

The world feels fuzzy and good.

My (selfs) limbs are heavy.

I scroll up and try to see what i have missed when i have been dreaming

And at the top of the feed i see a post asking if any drones would be interested in finding out about upgrading to Drone 2.0

In the Club – By Oxy

(A little treat for you. This was the first piece of erotica that i wrote that i shared with anyone. It was originally posted on the Suicidegirls site and is losely based on meeting up with a Suicidegirls friend of mine in Cologne. It`s hard for me to believe that this story is 15 years old. Hope you enjoy and can see the beginings of what would be my style.)

Even in the darkness of the club, you still stood out.

Walking up to the bar, I had pushed my way past countless girls. Some were pretty, some very attractive, but none of them stood out like you.

Watching you dancing to the music, eyes closed in a trance, body moving to the beat. I knew that you were the one I wanted.

I take my time, wait for the right moment. You pass me a few times without saying anything, I make sure that I don’t make eye contact.

After about an hour I stop you as you walk past me.

“excuse me, do you know where the toilets are?”

You smile and point down the end of the bar.

“Thank you” I say, letting my eyes stay on yours for just that little bit too long.

I return a few minutes later. Your back on the dance floor, dancing round some guy that i assume is your boyfriend. Not to worry, I’m sure that will not be a problem. You glance over at me, I smile back. You don’t smile, just keep my gaze for a few seconds then look away.

We play this game a few times over the next half an hour, each time you glance across, each time I smile back.

I move down the club into the darker area near the toilets. I don’t have to wait long before you turn up.

“your new here?” it’s not so much a question as a statement of fact.

“yes, first time here. I take it you’re a regular?”

“Yeah, I sometimes DJ.”

I keep quit, letting you do all the work. Taking control without letting you realise it.

“so, why did you come to this club then?” you lean against the wall beside me as a couple walk by, giggling to themselves at some private


“i was looking for someone to fuck”

For the first time tonight you smile, flicking you head back in a laugh.

“You’re talking to the wrong person then, I’m here with my boyfriend and….”

Suddenly i move forward, our body’s almost pressed together, our faces next to each other

“Firstly, you came to talk to me, not the other way around. Secondly, your boyfriend is over on the dance floor, he hasn’t looked this way since you left, if he has actually looked at you at all tonight”

You smile back

“and thirdly, if you don’t want to have sex with me, you wont follow me into the toilets”

The toilet door bangs open, making the kid over next to the sinks jump. He looks at us, not quite sure what is going on, so i tell him to get out of here.

As he leaves I pull the trash can over and wedge the door shut.

For what I have planned for you I don’t want anyone walking in.

It only takes me two steps to get beside you at the sink, my hand spinning you round so that you’re looking at yourself in the mirror.

Your eyes dart up the way so you can see what I’m doing. So it’s no surprise to you when my teeth sink into your neck, my hands reaching round and squeezing your breasts.

I kiss slowly along your neck, then over to your ear, pausing for a moment so that you can feel my warm breath on your skin.

“I get the feeling,” I say “that you’re good at taking orders. Is that correct?”

You pause to reply, but before you do I grab your hair and pull your head back, jerking your body back into me, my other hand resting on your ass.

“I said, you seem like you’re good at taking orders. Is that correct?”

“Yes” You have a defiant look in your eyes, but you’re not pulling away. Good.

“Then slowly pull down your jeans and panties”

I step back slightly to give you more room, while keeping a tight grip of your hair.

You reach down and unbuckle your belt, all the time watching me in the mirror.

Next comes the pop of the buttons, and then you’re slowly pulling your jeans to the floor.

My eyes stay on your legs for just a second before I see your panties slipping down into a little heap on top of your jeans.

“Bend over”

You lean over the sink, ass in the air. My hand pushes you forward so that your face is almost up to the glass.

And then..

You almost hit your face off the mirror as you jerk forward, startled by my hand playing along your pussy, stroking it as I move towards your clit. You’re nice and wet, your juices covering my fingers as I rub.

The toilet door bangs as someone tries to get in. Your eyes dart in that direction, panicked, but I notice that you’re still pulling yourself back at me, grinding against my fingers as you hold onto the edge of the sink, your moans echoing round the room.

I lean forward and whisper in your ear “be outside the club in 10 Min’s. If your not there i will leave without you”

I let go of your hair as you hurry to pull your jeans back on. Your belt buckle clicks back into place just as I pull the toilet door open. A tall punk stands at the other side, an angry look on his face until he sees you, then a smile breaks out and he grins at me as I walk past.

I push my way over to the stairs, prepared to leave. The night has been eventful so far, hopefully getting better soon.

As i leave the last thing i see is you explaining to your boyfriend that you have to go

Just as  I step outside the club, the heavens open and start to pour down. A taxi across the road notices me and pulls over.

“I’m here” you say as you step up behind me. I turn and pull you to me, kissing you hard on the lips.

The taxi stops beside us and I open the door. You bundle into the back, giving me the opportunity for a moment to look at your ass, firm and defined in your tight jeans. And then you’re sitting down waiting for me, so I climb in beside you.

“where to?” asks the cabbie, glancing back at us in the mirror, his eyes stopping on you a little long.

“Downtown, next to the bridge. And take your time, we are in no hurry”

The taxi moves off into the dark. I turn round and look at you and see the lust in your eyes, ready to do whatever I ask.

I lean forward and whisper in your ear “take off your jeans”. You pull back a little and look over at the driver, seeing him glancing back in his mirror. You shake your head slightly.

My hand reaches out and i  stroke your hair

“Take off your jeans. You’ve done it for me once, do it again. I’m sure the driver`s not going to mind. Are you Driver?”

“Hell…go ahead. It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve seen it. You should see some of the stuff that happens in the back of my cab….there was this one time……”

“see…the nice driver isn’t going to mind. So do what i say”

I l.wait to see your reaction, and as I suspected, you lean back in the chair and undo your jeans. With a little help you manage to pull them off, leaving them in a crumpled heap on the floor, your long pale legs shining in the dark of the cab.

I reach down and undo my jeans, pulling them just wide enough to slip a hand in. I reach over and take your hand, guiding it downwards, pushing it under the material until it rests on the hardness of my cock. Your fingers wrap round it and you seem to let out a little moan at the size of it.

“pull it out,” i say to you, my hand going behind your back, slowly tracing its way down your spine “and then suck it”

Your fingers nimbly get to work on my jeans and within seconds my jeans are on the floor beside yours. Your fingers pull at my boxers and my cock springs up, hard and gleaming in the darkness, some pre-cum glistening on the tip. I can see you licking your lips with anticipation, so I put my hand on your head and push you down towards it.

Your lips rest on the shaft, tongue flicking out to taste the pre cum, smearing it on your lips as you almost purr at the taste. Then slowly your take it into your mouth…letting it fill you up…pulsing as you swallow it. My hand presses down on the back of your head., keeping you there, not allowing you up. You start to struggle a little…fighting for breath…but i keep you there.

By now the driver has forgotten all about our destination and is just watching us in the mirror, i nod my head at him and indicate that he should pull over to the side of the road.

I lift my hand from your head and you jerk upwards gasping for breath, You blink tears from your eyes…smudging your makeup…..and give me an angry look. But then you go down again just as quick. This time your lips don’t stray, they swallow me whole, thrusting me into your mouth, your hand reaching down and working my balls.

I reach round you and pull you into a kneeling position on the seat….your head moving up and down in my lap, your lips sucking at my hardness. Then my fingers peel your wet panties open and my hand rubs slowly over your clit, letting it play slowly, teasing moans out of you.

Suddenly there is a loud groan…and we both look up…..the driver leaning forward in the front seat…hand in his lap….cum trickling between his fingers.

I look down at you. “I believe the driver may have enjoyed our little display. I hope there is going to be some type of discount on the fair”

You grin up at me, your lips wet. Suddenly I want you very badly indeed.

“Driver, we are getting out here.” i say, pushing open the door and dragging you out into the night. His sheepish grin lets me know that there is going to be no trouble with money, the engine starts up and he drives away.

“As for you” i say ” you are about to get the fuck of your life”

And with that I drag you into the alleyway behind us.

I push you into the alleyway, watching you trying to hold your jeans up as you stumble forward.

The rain is still pouring down, making your hair stick to the side of your face, drenching your clothing, making you slip and slide as you move forward.

In the darkness you start to turn round but my hand reaches out and pushes you up against the wall, not letting you see me. your hands spread out and try to grip the stone walls, your nails knocking the crumbling stonework as they dig in.

I pull at your jeans, tearing them down. Your panties soaking from the rain stick to your ass, the delicate material now see-through in the rain. My hand lifts back and swoops down, slapping your right cheek hard enough to make you groan, then down again, this time on the left. I step back and smile as I see the red impression my hand has left behind.

You turn round and kiss me, your mouth locking to mine, your hands slipping down and fumbling with my jeans. I slam you back hard against the wall, making you groan as you pull out my cock and start to jerk it in your hand.

I decide that the time for playing is over so I lift you up against the wall, my hand reaching down and ripping your panties aside, as I thrust into you.

Your arms pull me closer, with every thrust I seem to go deeper and deeper. Your mouth is on my neck now, biting at it, moaning onto my skin.

I slow down my thrusts and pull your head back.

“You will do what i say, won’t you?”

You nod your head, eager to please.

“Hold still.”

I shift your weight onto one hand, my legs and body pinning you against the wall, while my other hand moves up and clamps round your throat. Your eyes widen, but you don’t fight back, just look at me with mounting lust in your eyes.

I start to thrust into you again, harder, rougher, all the time looking you in the eyes. And squeezing.

You start to gasp as the grip gets tighter, your eyes closing, but your body still reacting to every thrust. your arms gripping my shoulders.

Then suddenly your eyes flick open again and your body begins to shake. I release my hold and reach down, grabbing your ass as I pump into you. Your head falls onto my shoulder and your whole body starts to tremble.

With one final push, I thrust into you, pinning you against the wall. You scream as your first orgasm hit you, your nails breaking my skin, little droplets of red forming.

I lower you to the ground, aware that you’re still dazed, lost in your own ecstasy. I reach down and slap the side of your face.

“Look at me”

You raise your head and look up. I`m jerking my cock fast, directly over your face, the pre-cum dripping from the tip onto your lips. Your eyes widen as I let out a moan and explode.

I look down at you, my cum dripping from your lips, your fingers reaching up and pushing it into your mouth. You look even more beautiful than before, even though you are soaked through in ruined jeans in an alleyway.

“You think your boyfriend is missing you?” I ask.

“Who cares?” you reply, your hand between your legs, teasing out more pleasure.

“Good girl. Now let’s get you back to my hotel. We have a long night ahead of us”

The Hotel by Phedre

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CW: Orgasm Denial, Femdom

The room was warm, all reds and blues, with the four-poster bed taking up the majority of the room. It was a little crowded for my tastes, but the hotel was rated one of the best in the city.

I smiled a little at the reason why.

He was blindfolded and tied spread eagle on his back. His cock was rock hard already and I could see him testing the restraints slightly. I had asked for a fresh one, and by the way he was straining to hear what was going on and constantly shifting, he was definitely what I was after.

I put down my overnight bag and removed my coat. I could see him straining to hear where I am. I moved around the bed, slowly creeping towards him.

“Hello slave” I whisper softly. His head turns towards my voice.

I stand over him, taking in the sight of his naked body.

“We are going to have some fun tonight.”


At his audacity, I slap him. His head whips to the side.

“You will address me as Misstress”

“Yes, Mistress”

“Much better”

I stroke the cheek I just slapped, then run my fingers along his lips. They are soft, and I lean forward to kiss him. His mouth is warm and quickly the kiss devolves into something primal.

Pulling myself away, I laugh.

“In good time my dear one. First, we are going to see how good your control is. Do you know why you are here?

“You requested it, Mistress”

“Yes, I did. Why did I request it?”

“I don’t know Mistress”

I laugh at his candor. “Well, my little one, you are going to be my sex toy. What are you?”

“Your sex toy”

My palm stings from the slap, but his impertinence is making me want to fuck him even more.

“What are you?”

“Your sex toy Mistress”

“Good boy” with that, I kiss him again, running my hand down his hard chest. I am all for rewarding good behavior.

“Now, sex toys don’t make a mess, do they?”

“No mistress”

He is quick and smart, this was going to be a good evening.

“Good. I have had a hard day and I don’t want to deal with any mess. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

I smile at the resolve in his voice. My hand travels down his stomach until I get to his hard cock. Slowly I begin to stroke him. He lets out a gasp and his cock twitches in my hand.

“Before I get to this, I am going to sit on your face.”

His silence gets him another slap.

“You will tell me how excited you are to have me sit on your face. Now.”

“I want you on my face mistress”

“Say please”

“Please will you sit on my face mistress”

I smile, bending forward to kiss him again before I remove my underwear and pull up my skirt. I place my knees on either side of his face and let out a sigh of please as he starts to devour me. I rock forward and backward on his tongue. Before long I can feel him struggling against the restraints. I lift up and hear him gasp for air. It is a beautiful sound.

“Are you done so soon?”

“No mistress. Please, mistress, I want some more”

I lower myself again and let him fuck me with his tongue some more.

Abruptly, I move off of him. “I think I am ready for the main course”

I move towards his cock, and I can’t help myself. The tip is glistening and begging to be tasted. I part my lips over his head and suck him into my mouth. He tastes sweet, and a little salty. Slowly, I move my head up and down while sucking on his shaft. He gasps in pleasure and strains against the ties. I smile and lick his tip before looking at him. “No cumming” I smile at him before going at it again. I bring him to the edge over and over, denying him the release he needs. After a while, I stop.

He looks beautiful in the agony he is feeling from wanting release. I am impressed by his restraint.

“I am going to ride you now until I can’t take any more orgasms. You are not allowed to cum unless I say so.”

I climb on top of him, inserting his rock hard cock into me. I start slow, a gentle rocking motion, but soon I am close to the edge and thrust him into myself to bring about my orgasm. It shatters through me and I want more. He whimpers how close he is and I stop.

“Not yet” I whisper into his ear as I start riding him again. Again and again, I ride him then stop. Each time he groans in frustration. Each time I moan in my pleasure. When I am sated, I cuddle next to him and kiss him gently.

“I am very pleased with you. Maybe if you are good, I will let you cum in the morning”