Mine – By Oxy

“Come on Monica, im rock hard here”

On the other end of the line Monica sighed.

“David, i am not having phone sex. It’s late, i’m tired and i told you before that i don’t like it”

He sighed and knew that it wasn’t worth arguing but he had to give it one more try.

“You don’t even have to do anything, just listen” he pleaded.

“You know, sometimes you disgust me” she screamed and hung up.

Fuck, he thought, now she`s angry at me and im still hard.

He threw a pillow across the room in frustration and watched as it bounced off the window.

Then an idea hit him. Last time Monica had stayed over she forgot to take some of her stuff home. He was pretty sure her Grimes t-shirt was by his bed, it would still smell of her. Maybe if he could smell her and feel it against him he could get off to that.

He stumbled off the couch and crossed the floor, heading to bed.

At the door, his mobile went off. He didn’t recognise the number but answered anyway.


For a moment there was silence and then a faint female moan

“Hello?” He tried again.

Again a moaning noise and the sound of a hand moving

Then a gasp and the moaning increased.

David knew what it sounded like but couldn’t think who it could be.

“Monica…is that you?”

The moaning and gasping increased and for a second David thought of hanging up. It was obviously a wrong number and those moans were obviously meant for someone else”

But just before he did, a voice came over the line

“David, I’m so wet for you.”

He didn’t recognise the voice but it had an immediate effect. His dick was straining against the confines of his jeans and he could feel his heart thumping in his chest.

“Who is this?” he whispered

“Do you want me to cum for you David?” 

She sounded desperate. He could imagine her fingers deep inside her as she waited for permission, curling inside her cunt and hitting that sweet spot.

“Yes. I want you to cum for me.”

A pause

A giggle

And then the line went dead.

Oh fuck, thought David as he stared at the phone and felt his hardness ebb away.

As he headed to bed he thought something passed his window but the phone call had distracted him too much to care.

He fell asleep frustrated.

He had tried jerking, he had tried sniffing Monica’s t-shirt, he had even tried wanking into it, but just nothing seemed to be hitting the right spot.

So once again he went to sleep and hoped for relief the next day.

At some time in the night a noise woke him,

He sighed and opened his eyes, looking round.

His body froze and his heart skipped as he realised there was a figure at the end of his bend, kneeling in the dark.

He tried to move but his body didn’t react. He tried to speak but it died in his throat.

The figure leaned forward.

She was in her twenties, blue hair in a pixie cut and wearing a T-shirt with The Damned written across it. Like one of those indie chicks he dreamed off at school but was always too scared to talk to.

She reached forward and pulled the covers down from him. Her head cocking to the side and inspecting him like an animal inspecting its prey.

He finally managed to move his head and looked down, seeing how hard he was in his boxers.

She reached out, fingers gently touching the bulge and tracing the shape.

At last a sound came from his throat and it was a moan.

She looked up at him and he felt her eyes lock on to his.

Her hand slipped under his boxers and wrapped around his thickness and squeezed.

“Mine” she said

It was the voice from the phone.

He felt his cock swelling under her touch. His desperation and hornyness from earlier rushing back tenfold.

And then she let him go and sat up. 

For a moment his heart stopped and he had a feeling of loss. For this strange woman that he did not know. For her touch. For her attention.

She smiled and he felt fear. Not because she was scary but because he could imagine giving the owner of that smile everything he had.

Fingers gripping the edge, she lifted her t-shirt and dropped it off the side of the bed. She reached up and cupped her breasts, squeezing and pinching, her sharp nails leaving mark on her pale flesh.

Some movement returned to his body and he pulled himself up onto his elbows, spellbound by her.

Moans escaped her, just like on the phone, and she closed her eyes and reached down and tugged his boxers. His hardness sprung out.

“Mine” she said again and leaned forward.

Oh fuck, David thought, she`s going to suck me.

But instead she slipped him between her breasts, squeezing then against him and started sliding backward and forwards, letting him feel the softness rubbing against him.

For a moment she watched his cock pushing up between her breasts then lifted her head to look at him and licked her lips

“MINE” she said

It was all too much for him and he let go, spraying cum over her chest and up the side of her neck. Her hand gripped him and she beat it vigorously, milking out every drop she could. Then her head dipped down and he felt her tongue eon him swirling and scooping, swallowing every drop she could get.

With a growl her head snapped back up and for a moment David could have sworn her eyes were glowing red. She sprang up to her feet and started popping open the buttons on her jeans.

“Oh…um….i’m not sure i can go again so quick” he started then realised that no, he was still standing firm and proud. Normally his cock would have shrunk away by now and he would be falling asleep, probably disappointing the person that had gotten him off. But this time he felt like he could go all night.

The woman had stripped out of her jeans and panties and stood above him. He assumed her natural hair color was red as a patch of red hair seemed to glow in the dark between her legs.

He watched as her fingers disappeared between her legs and moved furiously. His eyes widened as her mouth dropped open and her tongue slipped out and drool dripped down onto his chest.

“Mine” she said, looking down at him. And then slipped down onto her knees, grasped his cock and started to rub it against her wet folds.

“Oh fuck….oh god….” he muttered but was instantly cut off as her hand shot out and coverd his mouth.

After a moment she let him go and placed a finger on his lips. Shhhh, quiet.

And then the rubbing started again. Taking his tip and rubbing it slowly against her sopping wet pussy, letting it push up against her clit, squeezing and stroking it like a toy.

“I don’t think i can…” David started and then that familiar pressure started to build at the base of his shaft. His balls got tighter and from inside him a deep groan escaped.

She pushed the tip of him into her and he came for the second time.

But this time was different, this time there was no rest from her. She reached out and grabbed his shoulder and thrust herself against him. His cock slipped inside her and he let out a yelp. She was hotter, wetter, tighter than any girl he had ever been with.

And now her eyes were definitely glowing in the dark.

“Fuckkk………..oh fuck….I cant….no way i can…” he started but she reached out and slapped his face.

Three lines of pain erupted on his skin and he realised he was bleeding. He tried to reach up but the paralysis had returned. 

“Stop” he whispered

The room seemed to darken and somewhere behind her he could hear something shifting.

“You told me to cum for you” she moaned.

Now she was riding him hard. Slipping her wetness up and down his shaft, letting every inch fill her up. Then she slammed herself down hard on him.

The room suddenly felt too warm for him, his body dripping with sweat. Her hand resting on his chest seemed to burn and he swore he could hear a sizzling noise.

Her body started to shake and grind against him. Her pussy was so tight that he cried out. Struggling though he did, he couldn’t move. 

“Stop…hurts” he squealed.

Both her hands slammed down on his chest and he screamed as they burnt into his skin.

Her pussy like a vice crushed him and she threw herself back, coming hard and loud, her screams making the windows shake.

And from behind her back, huge wings unfurled and filled the room.

“Forever mine” she screamed and he came inside her as he sunk into madness.

He woke up and looked round the room. 

The light outside told him it was afternoon. Somehow he had slept for over 12 hours.

His phone buzzed beside the bed and he picked it up.

“Hi….its me” purred Monica. “I wanted to apologise for last night. It was mean of me leaving you like that. Wanna come over and have some fun?”

He stared at the wall opposite him and clicked off the phone. He sat there for a moment taking it in. The word “MINE” scratched into the wall hundreds of times.

Slowly he sank into the bed, closed his eyes and waited for the dark.

Down by the Loch – By Oxy

(a fun little monster story)

Down by the Loch

She creeped through the heather and down to the waterside. 

She had to go carefully in the dark, it would be so easy to slip and fall, cutting herself or hitting her head and drifting off into the still dark waters. But she had made this journey so many times that she was sure she would be safe. 

Upon reaching the edge of the lake she quickly undressed and folded her clothes up as a pillow. The air was frigid but the heat inside her kept her going.

For some reason it was only on full moons like this that it worked. She had tried other nights and ended up sad and disappointed laying in the dark.

She lowered herself down so that she was half in, half out of the water and put her pillow behind her and placed her head on it, looking up at the stars.

Slowly she opened her legs, her fingers tracing down her body, squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, then finding her clit and rubbing so softly.

Out in the lake something moved.

She wondered what it was that drew him to her. Maybe her wetness mixing with his lake, maybe her arousal was something he could smell. But on nights like this it always brought him.

She knew better than to look up when the water thrashed in front of her, better than to try and catch a glimpse of the beast. She had known it since she was a teen yet still only knew a little of what it looked like. 

But she knew its touch.

Her fingers stroked her folds and the water rippled. It was  near now and her arousal was building.

Then gently, as always, she felt it against her. Long and thin and pulsing with life. She assumed it was a tongue…or a tentacle. When she had tried to look, it had swiftly slipped away. All she knew was that it felt amazing.

It moves against her folds, feeling like it was caressing and then it slipped inside her.

It was like nothing else she had ever felt. No man had been able to match it. 

Slowly expanding inside her, filling her up. Two more on her legs holding her down, stopping her from thrashing about in the water.

And then as her fingers moved faster on her clit, it began to fuck her.

The ease with which it did it astounded her. Like it knew everything she wanted and matched her thoughts. Since her 18th birthday it had been fulfilling her needs like this.

Then a nudge at her ass. Firm and probing, it slipped into her and made her gasp.

Her mind started to switch off from the pleasure, unable to take it all in.

But before she slipped under the waters of desire, her orgasm hit her and she sink into mindless pleasure.

As always, she felt it lift her up, place her on the grass. As it withdrew she sighed, like a lover leaving it caressed her skin before slipping away.

She lay under the stars, content. 

Out in the Loch she heard the water splash and she thought of her Monster in the Loch.

In the Room, For the First Time by Oxy

(this was writen as a prize for @Looloubelle1 on twitter. You should give her a follow)

She stood outside the hotel room door and tried to control her breathing.

This was really it. After all the talk and flirting it had all come down to this.

He was on the other side of the door.

She had decided not to dress up, she wanted this to be normal. Just two friends meeting up. Having fun. Fucking each other hard.

Oh she hoped they would fuck. The chemistry online was so strong. She had even given him consent to do whatever the fuck he wanted to her body.

And just as she went to open the door, he opened it.

His eyes locked with hers and she felt a thrill as they moved up and down her body, drinking her in. Like he was claiming it for his own.

“Hey puddin…” he said in a growl.

For a moment she was flustered but then remembered she was wearing a Harley Quinn

T-shirt and let out a laugh that released all the built-up tension.

or the first time the two of them together.

She wondered how it would start, would it be awkward or gentle or…..

His arms gripped her, pushing her against the wall. His hand reaching down and squeezing her pussy through her jeans.

“That’s mine now,” he growled “While your in this room it belongs to me”

Fuck, she thought, this is what I needed.

His hands pulled at her jeans and roughly yanked them down.

She was naked underneath and sure that he could see just how wet she was.

His hand reached out and touched her, fingers slipping through the fold of her pussy.

“Good girl. You remembered not to wear anything. I like it when my girl follows orders”

He raised his hand to his lips and tasted her, making sure she could see as he smeared her wetness over his mouth.

“Turn around, hands on the walls, legs spread”

She never even considered not following his commands, her body just reacted.

As soon as her hands touched the wall he was on her, his hand reaching around and clutching her throat, making it hard for her to breathe. His other hand plunging down and slipping over her pussy.

“Your a wet little slut, “ he growled in her ear “But I think we can get you wetter”

When he thrust his fingers inside her she gasped. They felt huge, filling her up and making her pussy grip onto them. She wanted them deeper inside her but he would only thrust enough to make her whimper.

“What do you want?” he asked

The sensation of his fingers working themselves into her made her unable to speak.

The slap of his hand on her cheek brought her back.

“I want to cum Sir…all over your fingers. I want to cum and then have you fuck me”.

His fingers pulled out of her and she thought she would moan at the need for them. Then his hand slapped her across the pussy.

3 hard slaps. Each harder than the last. Each drawing moans of pain and pleasure from her.

Then his fingers thrusting inside her again and his thumb on her clit, rubbing hard, drawing gasps

“I’m going to cum….fuck….im going to cum” she moans and feels his fingers tight on her throat

“Not yet you’re not,” he says and spins her around. His hands-on her shoulder, pushing her to her knees.

“Take my cock in your hand” he orders.

The sound of his voice almost makes her cum. She has never been ordered like this and it’s almost overwhelming.

She pulls his jeans open and lets out a satisfied purr as she pulls him free. His hardness is as thick and long as in the pictures she sent him, the tip soaked in pre-cum. She wants him more than she has ever wanted anything else.

“Touch yourself” he ordered and she watched as his fingers curled around his cock and started to stroke.

Her hand dipped down and settled over her crotch, her middle finger on her clit, rubbing gently so as not to rush the pleasure sweeping through her.

“Do you want this?” he asks

He gives his cock a hard tug and some pre-cum splashes over her cheek

“Yes…..fuck yes I want it,” she says, trying to fight off her orgasm.

“Hand above your head,” he says and smiles as she complies “Good girl. Now open wide for me”

He took hold of her wrists in his hand and held them tight. She would have held them there for him, held them forever but the feeling of his hands on her made her squirm in delight.

At first, he let the tip of his cock run over her lips, teasing her with it. Jerking it so it hit the top of her mouth. Making her want it more.

Then with the smallest of movements, he rammed it into her mouth and filled her up, making her gasp and gag on it. He held it there and watched her struggle, knowing just when to pull back.

“Fuck it, get on the bed”

He pulled her up to her feet and threw her on the bed. Then he grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her to the edge, and fucked her mouth.

He didn’t hold back. He didn’t try to give her pleasure. He just wanted to use her, let her see how turned on she had made him.

It was enough to tip her over the edge and she felt herself hammering down onto the bed while he reached down and grabbed her throat, allowing him to keep pounding her as she lost all thought.

A moan escaped his lips and she knew. Knew he was about to come. His hardness in her mouth jerked and her body reacted. As the first splash of cum hit the back of her throat she tried desperately to lift her head, to take him deeper.

He came so much that it spilled from her mouth. Pulling back, his cock spurting up with a pop and splashed white ropes of cum over her t-shirt.

For a moment she thought he was going to be angry she made a mess.

Then he knelt and kissed her cum covered lips.

“Did my puddin like that?” he asked.

“Very…very much” she sighed, taking in her face so near.

“Good…..cause we’re not leaving this room for the next 24 hours”

The Sacrifice by Oxy

(this was written as a prize for @kheslopwrites on twitter who is a talented writer herself. You should go check out her work)

Deidra didn’t fight it when she heard the news that she would be the sacrifice. Instead, she nodded, told them to wait a moment, and went to get dressed.

She knew that there was a chance that today would be her turn. Something had been itching at the back of her mind telling her that her number had come up.

The village had been making the sacrifice every year for as far back as anyone could remember. On the darkest day of the year, one villager would be taken out to the stone circle and left for the beasts. In return, they would leave the village alone. At least as long as the tribute was made.

Deidra slipped into a thin white robe and looked in the mirror. She had seen 22 summers and had expected to see many more before it was her turn. But no one ever came back from the sacrifice, not unchanged.

She was happy to be chosen, proud. She wanted to do her bit for the village. But more than that she wanted to experience it. She had heard whispers, listened to scraps of stories that those that returned told. She felt that this was what she was born for.

She returned to the elders and followed them out of the village. All the windows were shut and no one watched her go. It would be like she had vanished overnight.

The walk through the woods was dark and uncomfortable. Her bare feet slipped on the rocks and she tried hard not to fall, wanting to look presentable for the creatures.

They reached the stone circle as night fell. She had never seen it before but she knew everything about it. How the elders say it had been put there by the god. How it was shunned by the village, except on this day.

In the center of the circle hung the Crag. A tall stone that could be climbed to view the valley. And hanging from it a long chair with cuffs on the end.

The elders lead her to the center of the clearing and bid her stand under the Crag. Carefully they took the chain, raised her hands, and locked the cuffs in place. A lever was pushed and she lifted into the air.

The village priest blessed her and with that, they departed.

Deidra hung there in silence until the moon came up and the howling started.

At first, she thought it was wolves. They often came close to the village and she knew what they sounded like. But this noise was different. It sounded like a human voice, a human howling its pain into the night.

The elders had lit the torches around the Crag and she could see something moving in the darkness. Something sniffing and scratching just out of sight.

“Come into the light. I am here for you” she shouted.

And the beast stepped forward.

Deidra gasped at the sight. It was wolf-like…but stood on its back legs. Hair covering its body. Strong arms and legs. And an almost human face with huge fangs in its mouth. And hanging between its legs, an erection as thick as an arm.

This was why she was here.  To fuck the beast.

In the old days, the women were sent to die but at some point, the elders realized that the beasts were happy just to take out their lust on the humans.

The women that returned never talked about what happened, at least not to the menfolk. But occasionally they would whisper to the other woman, a look of longing and lust in their faraway eyes.

The creature scampered forward and stood before her. Its smell filled her up, musky and woody, but not unpleasant. Something about it excited her and she felt the wetness between her legs that normally only happened when she thought of the village priest`s son.

It sniffed her, eyeing her body. Then reached out and swiped its claw down, cutting her dress from her. The air hit her exposed body, the cold air on her hardening nipples, and her exposed sex.

“Do….you…consent?” The creature growled.

“Yes” Deidra replied 

“For …the…village?” it asked

“For myself” she replied.

The creature reached out and cupped her breasts. Sharp fingers gently brushing against her flesh, examining her nipples. As the rough tips rubbed against her she heard herself moan.

The creature reached down and touched her. Strong fingers rubbing her wetness, opening her up. Such strength and power-focused into gentle touches.

“Wet” it grunted.

She tried to concentrate as the fingers explored her but already the fuzz of arousal was making it hard to think.

“Take you now”

His hands grabbed her and spun her around. Suddenly he was behind her and growling in her ear. Then a shock of pain as his hand grabbed her hair and without any care for her, he thrust into her pussy. 

She gasped and moaned and shouted to the devil. Never had she felt anything like it. His hardness buried deep in her, seeming to expand and reside like waves on a beach. And then with a tug of her hair, he fucked her.

A clawed hand reached around and grabbed her throat, those powerful fingers squeezing as he hammered deep into her. The end of one nail touching her neck, clearly on purpose, and drawing a little blood. Enough for it to drip down onto her breast.

And that was it, that was enough. Hung up, unable to take part, being used for pleasure, being played with like a toy.

She had never come so hard in her life.

The creature never stopped, no matter that she was thrashing around, moaning to the gods, crying out in ecstasy.

It kept fucking her till it filled her and then it fucked her some more.

And then as it withdrew, cum dripping from its cock all over her leg, it reached up and snapped open the cuffs.

She fell to the floor and sobbed. Not in pain or anger, but in the release of the emotions and feelings inside her. And when she felt its paw gently against her face she looked up and asked for more.

As it lay on its back, she mounted it, touching its face and feeling joy as his hardness filled her again. And behind her, she heard another noise. A second creature.

“Tribe,” said the beast under her.

She sighed and leaned forward, offering herself.

And as the second creature pushed inside her, filling her for the second time, she remembered she had agreed to give herself to the beasts of the woods.

Afterward she lay between them and felt the change of their bodies. 

Still wild-looking, reverted to human they looked like men of the village. Except more so.

“Mated?” asked the first

“No” she replied

“Come with is. More of this. Protect you. Use you.”

The second one slipped its claw between her legs and filled her.

At last, she knew why so few of the sacrifices ever came back.

She – by Oxy

There are so many things to adore about her.

And I don’t just mean her body. Although…yes….yes that should be adored.

If she was willing you would just want to run your fingers along the curve of her breast, let your finger rest on her nipple, slowly rubbing to feel it get hard under your touch.

You would want to kiss her neck. Let your teeth graze the skin, always threatening to bite down, some pain to go with the pleasure.

She makes you want to run your hands slowly up her legs, her thigh, so that you can feel her opening up to you, surrendering to your touch.

You want to feel her wetness and know it’s because of your words.

You want her to sink to her knees, to take you in her mouth, to make you cum as hard as her words and pictures make you cum

And the little things.

Her smile peeking out from behind her coffee mug.

Her shirt fluttering open and her breast tantalizing visible for a moment.

But her body is only half the story.

Her mind is just as seductive.

You can tell from the way she writes.

She`s on a journey, a journey of self, a journey of freedom.

When she touches herself for you, she will tell you.

When she experiences joy, she will tell you.

Her world view is open, loving, hopeful.

She has no need for others, she is more than capable of getting by on her own.

Which makes you want her to accept your touch even more.

Yes, one of the things to adore about her is how she makes you want to be a better person, to perhaps be worthy of her time.

Perhaps one day I will catch her smile.

In my arms – by oxy

I scoop you up into my arms and hold you to me. 

Your shivering slightly as you come down from your orgasm and your fingers slip over my skin and hold on.

I tell you to rest your head against me and you let it fall on my shoulder. 

Your eyes look up at me with a look of happiness and you’re about to say something.

“Shhh little one,” I say “time to talk later. For now just rest, get your energy back”

You sigh contentedly and close your eyes as your fingers rest against my chest.

You`ve had a busy day. I’ve taken you to the edge repeatedly, told you not to come without permission, watched you worship my cock until your wetness was running down your legs.

And when you came you body rocked and your eyes rolled back and for a moment i thought you would pass out.

One arm reaches round you and pulls you to me, the other slides down between your legs and gently strokes your pussy. I know how sensitive you get after cumming but you love the feel of my fingers gently touching.

“That feels nice” you say as you lean and kiss my neck.

“Only the best for my baby” i say as i kiss the top of your head

You reach down and stroke my cock, gently squeezing it and enjoying the feel.

“Take me to bed?” you ask

“Always” i say and lift you into my arms, keeping you safe from the world and protected in my arms.

Epic Fail – By Oxy

“I was wondering, would you like to go out sometime?”

She looked at me, a puzzled look on her face.

“I know its kinda out of the blue” i said, about to go into a full on retreat

“Um…..well….it’s just that I’ve got a boyfriend” she said, shifting her gaze over to a booth in the corner of the cafe where three meat heads were noisily talking football.

“Oh, ah. I’m sorry, i didn’t know”

She smiled at me and nervously shuffled her feet.

“That’s OK. No harm done” she replied “Now, can i take your order?”

When she had gone I let out a huge sigh and banged my head off the table. What had I been thinking?

I had been coming to this cafe on and off for about three years and I had seen her here every time. Red hair, brown eyes, a smile that made your heart flutter.

Looking back on it, the idea that she might be single was stupid. There was no way someone like her wouldn’t have guys fighting over her all the time.

And what chance would I have had anyway?

Sure she always seemed friendly when we talked, she always had a smile for me when i walked in the door, but that was just good customer service.

For a moment I thought of just getting up and leaving, not coming back to the cafe again. But then I realized that it would only make this more if an epic fail than it already was.

After a few minutes of anxious waiting and nervous glances, I decided to go to the restroom. Looking in the mirror I saw a red faced and sweaty visage looking back at me.

Splashing water on my face helped but really the only thing that would diminish my embarrassment would be eating my food and getting out of here as quickly as possible.

It was then, in the mirror, that I saw the door open behind me and she slipped into the room.

“Quick” she said, taking my hand and pulling me into the cubicle.

Before the door was shut we were kissing, hot insistent kisses full of passion.

“We don’t have much time” she gasped as her hands found my zip and yanked it down.

With a quick movement she had her little waitress dress up and her panties aside and suddenly I found myself thrusting into the girl of my dreams.

Suddenly it was happening, my hand against her throat, her legs wrapping around me, my teeth against her neck.#

“oh fuck, OH FUCK” she moaned as i thrust deeper, banger her off the side of the cubicle.

She kissed me again, biting my lip as she did so.

Suddenly she reached back, her hands grabbing the top of the cubicle, hanging from it with her legs wrapped around me, her body shaking violently.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhh god”

I stopped for a moment, looking at the expression on her face.

“Oh for fuck sake don’t stop, please” she said, her legs pulling me forward, pulling me into her

Just when i thought i couldn’t take it anymore she whispered in my ear “tell me when your going to cum”

I moaned a “now” as she slipped to the floor and took my cock in her hand. I thought she was going to swallow it whole but instead she kept the tip just next to her mouth, her hand working my shaft, her eyes locked onto mine.

I came so hard my knees nearly buckled.

As I lay against the wall trying to get my breath, she stood up, licking her lips and straightened herself out.

“I’m sorry about earlier” she said, leaning forward and kissing me again “but the owner of this place thinks I’m dating his son. I think it’s the only reason he keeps me employed. So i had to pretend….”

“Oh…i see…i think”

Her hand encircled my shaft, gently stroking it back to life.

“I’ve seen you looking at me when you come in here. I kept hoping you’d say something or do something. God knows the amount of times I’ve jilled off thinking about you sinking your cock into me, imagined you fucking my mouth and cumming over my lips”

I gulped

“So yes, fuck yes, i wanna go out with you. I just put my address in your pocket. Pick me up at seven.”

She turned and opened the door, glancing back over her shoulder, first at my still hard cock and then back up at my face.

“You better get back to your table, your eggs are getting cold”

Say Yes – By Oxy

(otherwise known as the Hobo story)

“I want you to say yes to everything for a day”

Angellina glanced over at her hypnotist/therapist and rolled her eyes

“Are you back on this I’m too negative thing again?” she asked, shifting against the couch.

Jen, her therapist, tapped her pen against her knee

“Not back on it, still on it. You came to me to try and improve your mood, give you a better outlook on life. I think hypnosis can help with that and i think that helping you say yes to opportunities more might be a good step.”

With a grunt Angellina lay back against the couch and closed her eyes.

“If I say no you’re just going to take that as proof I turn everything down. So i guess i will give it a go.”

After the session Angellina actually felt better. As she stepped out into the Calafornian heat she thought that maybe this therapy might be worth it. For the first time in awhile a smile played around the corner of her mouth. She was ready to take on the world.

And then she saw it, out of the corner of her eye, a little black dress in the window of a shop. A lovely little slinky thing in the window of Boxcar Clothing and a painted arrow with the words “Say yes to the dress”

Well….it had to be a sign. 

Stepping into the shop she was struck by how empty it was. A few racks with some pricey clothes and a till at the back. The assistant noticed her and headed over.

“Can i help you?” she asked, flashing a lovely smile.

Angellina took her in. In her twenties, red hair, slim, bright smile. Just the sort of person you would expect to be working here. But there was also something else about her, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“Yeah,” she looked at the name tag ”Naomi,  i would like to try on that dress in the window.”

“No problem at all. If you head to our dressing room I will bring it to you, if that’s ok?”

As soon as Angellina replied yes she felt a weird sensation. Like a wave of pleasure going through her body. Confused slightly she headed off to the changing room and into the booth there.

A few moments later Naomi pulled back the curtain and handed her the dress.

“Here you go. I will be just outside if you need any…help”

Her hand brushed against Angellina for a moment and then she was gone.

Today was turning into quite the day.

Angellina quickly slipped out of her jeans and top, folding them up on the side.

“Do you need any help there?” came Naomi`s voice, so close that she must just be a step away.

“Yes” slipped from Angellina’s mouth straight away and suddenly Naomi was there beside her.

For an awkward second they stood there, looking at each other.

“I don’t want to be too forward” said Naomi “But i think you want me to kiss you?”

“Yes” slipped easily from Angellina, that wave of pleasure moving through her with the word

Softly Naomi slipped her hands around her, pulling her in. Her mouth moving til it was almost touching. The air in the room seemed to vanish and suddenly it was roasting hot.

And then Naomi kissed her softly on the lips. Her mouth so gentle and eager. Angellina melted into it, her eyes dropping closed and her body leaning against the wall, feeling the weight of Naomi against her. Feeling Naomi`s tongue slipping into her mouth, finding hers. 

The fingers on her skin slowly stroked and moved in little circles on her side then slipped away. Angellina missed them then got distracted by Naomi kissing her harder, pushing against her.

Then the fingers returned, sliding up the inside of her leg. As they reached her knickers they slipped to the side and pulled them across before slipping softly over the folds of her pussy, sinking into her wetness as they slipped inside her. Angellina moaned against Naomi`s mouth as she felt a thumb find her clit and start to rub those lazy circles against her.

She pulled Naomi to her, her own hand slipping downwards but Naomi pulled away and smiled.

“I want to make you cum. Don’t worry about me. This is about your pleasure. Yes?”

“Yes….oh fuck yes” moaned Angellina as the finger on her clit applied a little more pressure and she felt the fingers inside her curling, teasing, making her heart skip and her legs drenched.

Naomi`s mouth moved, kissing her face, then her neck and slowly over to her shoulder. She could feel the pressure mounting , feel her orgasm building inside her. This woman’s fingers and mouth were going to give her the first orgasm she’d had in months. All from saying “yes”

Oh it has been so long she thought

And as Naomi`s mouth reached her shoulder and her teeth sank into her skin, biting hard enough to draw a speck of blood, Angellina sighed and surrendered to her orgasm.

Like a bolt of lightning it spread out from between her legs, white light flashing behind her eyes. Only the wall behind her and the weight of Naomi against her stopped her from collapsing to the floor, a wet mess.Naomi teasing more moans out of her before slipping her fingers free and placing them against her lips. It was the first time Angellina had tasted herself on another woman.

Things would have proceeded if the tinkle of the front door had not interrupted. Naomi lent in and kissed her on the side of the neck and slipped out of the room. In a daze Angellina struggled to remember why she was there and then spotted the dress. She slipped it on and decided not only to buy it but to wear it as well. Never mind that it was hot outside, she wanted to wear this dress that had caused such a strange turn to her day. Although, she thought, it wasn’t really the dress. Saying Yes was what had got her here.

5 minutes later she stepped out of the shop wearing her new purchase. Her clothes in a bag and a receipt with a phone number. As she bought the dress Naomi leaned forward so the other customer wouldn’t hear and told her that she wanted Angellina to sit on her face and drip into her mouth.

Angellina looked round for a taxi and seeing none decided that she would just walk home. It wasn’t that far and she was enjoying the feel of her dress against her skin as walked. Ten minutes of happy daydreaming of Naomi later she heard a commotion up ahead and looked up to see two men ahead engaged in some kind of fight. A tall guy in a suit was pushing a younger guy onto the floor and shouting at him. The nearer she got the more she could make out.

“Filthy bastard, you homeless people should be rounded up and shipped out of here. Harassing people in the street” he spat and with one final kick in the side he stormed off.

Angellina rushed forward and helped the young guy back to his feet, taking him in as she did. She thought he was in his early twenties, his clothes a little worn but not dirty, his beard making him look older than he was. Cute in a rugged kinda way.

“Are you ok?” she asked “What happened?”

He smiled at her as he rubbed his side and cracked his back, visibly wincing in pain for a moment before straightening up and looking in the direction the suited guy had gone.

“Asshole thought i was begging for money. Called me a tramp and pushed me to the food,” he said “But he`s wrong, i’m not homeless, i’m a hobo. Big difference. You know what it is?”

“Yes,” she said, automatically saying yes to a question. She panicked for a moment as she tried to remember and then tried “Hobo is someone who moves around looking for work?”

 He flashed her a smile and she realised just how cute he was. Ok his jacket looked like he had been living in it and his jeans were torn, and yes his fingernails had dirt under them. Ok, so he was not exactly a catch but she saw…something.

“Are you checking me out?” he asked, a surprised look on his face.


So easily said.

“Ohh” he said, his eyes sliding up and down her, enjoying the way that her dress hugged her body. “Your into the rough stuff are you?”

“Yes” she blurted. She had tried to keep it in , even though it was true. But saying yes gave her that wave of pleasure.

“Ha, well I’m afraid I don’t exactly have somewhere I could take you. It’s not like you’re going to let me do you behind a dumpster in an alleyway is it?”

She felt the words traveling up her throat and into her mouth. Was this REALLY what her therapist meant by saying yes to everything? But then the word was out and yes, she wanted him to use her in an alley

He looked at her, his face serious for a change and lost in thought. Then he reached out and took her hand , looked along the street and dragged her over to an alley entrance. Inside it was messy and garbage blew across the ground. Pulling her behind a dumpster they were hidden from the street.

“So, you’re really up for this?” he said and she heard something in his voice, a need that wasn’t there before.

“Yes” she sighed happily, watching his hands reaching down and pulling his jeans open, fishing out his cock and jerking it in his hands. She stared fascinated at the curve  of it, arching up, thick veins sticking out, his uncircumcised cock an angry red.

“Turn around, hands on the wall” he commanded.


Every time she said it now the wave of pleasure started from between her legs. Each time making her wetter and more willing to agree. Hurriedly she spun round and placed her hands against the filthy wall and stuck her ass out, wiggling it a little.

His hands gripped her dress and pulled up, taking it to her waist. The warm air on her legs felt nice and for a moment she forgot what was happening and just enjoyed the sensation. Then his hands hooked into her panties and dropped them to the floor.

Behind her she heard a noise and it took a moment to work out what it was, then it hit her. He had just spat into his hand she thought. He`s lubbing himself up with his spit. Working it in and getting ready to fuck me. Her fingers curled and dug into the hardness of the wall in anticipation.

His cock nugged against her. She could feel a moan building in her throat as it slipped along her folds, back and forth, coating itself in her wetness. One of his hands grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back.

“Do you want me to fuck you, you slut?” he asked. A simple question that only had one answer.

As she moaned yes he thrust inside her. There was no gentleness, no attempt to tease and seduce her, just one hard thrust inside her, pushing her against the wall. For a second he pinned her there, filling her up, just letting her feel his hardness deep inside her and then he started to fuck her with all the strength he could muster.

He grunted near her ear as he started to build up speed, so close that she felt the breath on her neck. His arm sneaked around her and groped at her breast. Thick fingers searched for and found her nipple, squeezing and sending a line of pleasure all the way down into her pussy.

“Fuck your tight. I want to empty my balls into you. I bet a slut like you likes having strangers cum dripping out of them?” he growled directly into her ear.

Any other time she would have been appalled by someone saying that to her. Humiliated and offended. But this time it made her grind back hard against him and moan another yes.

His hand dropped down and found her clit, hard and aching under his nimble fingers. Her legs trembled as he rammed into her and she knew that he couldn’t keep up the pace.

“Wait, give me a moment” she begged

He stepped back, hand automatically slipping round his dick and continuing to stroke as she turned and slipped to her knees in front of him.

“You really are a filthy cumslut” he grinned as she took him in her mouth and tried to reach the base of his cock with her lips.

Her attempt at a yes vibrated along the length of his shaft.

He leaned over her, arms against the wall and let her work his length. Grunting and moaning as she pulled him out of her mouth and licked from his balls up under the shaft till her tongue flicked the pre-cum from his tip.

“Fuck….im going to cum” he gasped and she felt his cock start to twitch in her hand. Without thinking she aimed him at her lips, mouth open and jerked her hand down on his cock.

The first rope of cum hit her lips, the second splashing across her face and hair. Instinctively he thrust forward and his cock slipped into her mouth, fucking it in desperation. Her hands gripped his legs as he fucked her mouth for all he was worth.

When he pulled back a dribble of cum and spit dripped from her mouth and onto her dress.

His hand reached down and scooped it up, lifting it to her lips.

“Fuck…..good girl….” he sighed as he gently lifted her to her feet.

For a moment she thought it was over. Her body was shaking and her breath ragged. Every minute of it had been amazing but she so wanted to cum again, to cum for him.

And then he leaned in, kissed her neck, let his hand sweep round and grab her ass and asked

“Are you ready to go again?”

A week later she lay on the sofa and waited for the questions.

“So,” said Jen, tapping her pen against her leg, “How did you day of saying yes go?”

Well I got fingered by a complete stranger in a changing room and I let a hobo destroy my cunt in an alleyway. Angellina was so tempted to say it but managed to hold back.

“It was….good. I think i’m going to try and do it more often”

The Kitchen Table – by Oxy

Rachel`s neighbour spanked her so hard that his handprint shone red on her ass for days.

She hadn’t gone to him to get a spanking, hadn’t gone to him for anything at all really. But sometimes things take a turn and go in unexpected ways.

It had started innocently enough with a ball thrown for a dog.

Rachel was out the back of her house with Pebbles, her Yorkshire Terrier. The day had been a bright and warm one and she was hanging out waiting for her boyfriend Matt to finish work so they could go out and enjoy the evening. Pebbles had been getting a little too excited chasing the ball and bounced it up in the air and over the fence into Mr Richard`s yard. 

Oh shit, she thought, i’m going to have to go and get that. She didn’t look forward to talking to Mr Richard and just the thought of it was already putting a downer on an otherwise lovely day. Not that there was anything wrong with him, just that he kept himself to himself and if truth be told he scared her a little. He had to be at least twenty, maybe thirty years older than her twenty five and she had only ever seen him looking out of his window. She had tried a wave and got one back, but it didn’t seem that friendly. 

Maybe i’m being unkind, she thought, he’s just a lonely old guy that likes to keep to himself.

Making sure that Pebbles was safe in the house Rachel walked over to Mr Richard`s house.

She knocked on the door and waited as she heard movement inside. After a moment the door opened and she got her first good look at him. She had been right, he must have been in his late forties, the flash of white in the sides of his hair giving it away. He looked kinder up close, not the grumpy man she had glimpsed behind his blinds.

“What`s up Kitten?” he asked, looking her up and down.

Shit, why did he call me that? She suddenly panicked and thought that somehow he had heard her playing with Matt, heard him calling her his Kitten as he tied her to the bed.

“What?” she stammered.

He pointed at her chest, her eyes looking down and looking at the cute little kitten on her t-shirt. She had forgotten she had thrown it on for lounging about the house. Normally she would be wearing a Sisters of Mercy or a Bartok’s Daughter t-shirt but she had been given this by one of Matt`s nieces

“The cute little kitten” he said and suddenly she realised something.

He sounded just like Sean Connery.

She suppressed a moan by turning it into a cough, covering her mouth and the fact that she was blushing. Since she was little she had always had a thing for accents, especially british ones. She used to watch Bond movies and Hammer Horror films just to get her fix. One of her fondest memories was on her 20th birthday her English pen pal phoning her long distance and listening to his voice as he talked about his life while she quietly played with herself and came silently without him knowing, shaking so hard that she nearly dropped the phone.

“Oh yeah. Ha. Im Rachel, your neighbour” She tried to pull herself together and not look like a blushing teenager.

“Yeah, i know. I take it here to get your ball back?”

He led her through to the kitchen and pointed to the ball sitting on the side.

“There you are.” he said as he turned to face her.

“There’s just one thing” His accent made it sound like jushhhht one thing and she tried her very best to ignore the warm feeling that was building in her.

“Oh what’s that?” she asked.

“Your ball hit my bird bath, knocked it over and smashed it to pieces.” he said, pointing out to the yard where no doubt the bird bath lay “Somethings going to have to be done about that”

Rachel blushed. There was a little anger in his voice now and it was bringing out the accent.

“I’m sorry. I will happily pay for a new one.” she said, patting her short and realising she didn’t have any cash on her.

“Nope. Won’t do. You smashed it, you get punished. Only way you will learn”

He reached down and started unbuckling his belt, pulling it free and wrapping it around his hand. He gestured with his other hand towards the table.

“What?” was all Rachel could manage, an idea forming in her head of what he meant. 

“Lean over the table and take your spanking.” he said

For a moment she saw it clearly, her sprawled across the table and him standing behind her, his belt whirling through the air.

“I’m not going to tell you again Kitten” he growled

That was it, she knew she was going to give in. The accent, calling her Kitten, everything was just so perfect. On any other day she would have laughed at him and walked away. But today, today she wanted to feel his belt.

She shuffled forward and leaned over the table. After a moment she lifted her hands and reached up and grabbed the edge. His hand slipped between her legs, nudging her into spreading them. The contact of his hands against her pussy, even through her shorts, made her moan into the table top.

“You ready Kitten?” he asked

“Yes” she moaned

“Yes SIr when you’re speaking to me” he said and gently flicked the leather belt over her legs, hardly any motion but enough to give her a little sting.

“Yes Sir” she repeated

She waited silently and tried to keep thinking. Matt had only spanked her once like this and she had just tipped over into blank minded lust. But that had been awhile ago and she had never been able to persuade him again, reluctant that he was to mark her skin. She had thought the bruises were sexy and looked hot.

She heard him shift and a whizzing sound behind her and then suddenly a sharp stab of pain as the end of the belt hit her over the ass. For a second it felt like it would only be momentary but then the pain blossomed and spread out through her body.

“Ohhhh Fuck” she screamed, her fingers digging into the wood.

She heard a clanging noise as something hit the floor and suddenly two strong hands on the top of her shorts.

“Changed my mind. Let’s do this the old fashioned away”

With a tug her shorts came loose and slid down her legs. The warm air crushed like a wave across her skin and made the bright spot of pain pulse. Suddenly she realised that he could see her pussy, see how soaking wet it was. And if he couldn’t now, the puddle of wetness that was growing on the table top would give it away.

“Thats better” he drawled and Rachel felt the throbbing between her legs

Before she could prepare herself his hand flashed through the air and hit her on the left side of her ass. She groaned in pain and tried to lift her head in protest but one of his hands found the back of her head and pushed it down.

“How old are you Kitten?” he asked and it seemed as if his mouth was right at her ear.

“25…Sir” she answered, her eyes rolling back into her head as his hand slowly traced its way up the inside of her leg, stopping far too soon.

“Ok then. That was one. 24 to go”

Somewhere around spank 13 she came. Her body betrayed her and she let out a moan that she was sure the whole street could hear. Her body already felt like it was on fire but now it was joined by a new kind of warmth.

At spank 20 she forgot how to think. The longing for the next hard slap across her skin and the wetness between her legs were the only things she could focus on for more than a few seconds.

As the last one landed she unclenched her fingers, thinking it was over.

“On all fours.” the words spiraling into her mind

She pulled herself up, her arms and legs shaking, wanting to know what came next.

His fingers slipped slowly along her folds then inside her., filling her for a moment before retreating

She fell forward, her head back on the table, her ass as high as she could hold it.

“You did well Kitten. You took your punishment. Now you get a treat”

As his mouth touched her pussy and his fingers found her clit, she let her next orgasm sweep her away and let his mouth have its way.

Matt was sitting at the table when she got back home.

“Hey Rachel…where have you….” he started but stopped when he saw her.

Her shorts were pulled up…but only just. A visible damp patch on her shorts and her t-shirt all crushed and crumpled. And in her left hand Pebbles doggy ball.

“Christ…are you ok?” he asked as he sprang from the chair.

She raised her arm slowly, shushing him. 

“Our neighbour Mr Richard just spanked my ass raw and then stuck his tongue in my pussy and ate me out till i came all over his face.”

Matt looked at her and watched the smile spread across her face.

“Well……do you think that next time he will let me watch?”